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I’m feeling Blue

I’m staring work on a piece I’ve had in mind for some time now. It stems from meditation that I have been ‘trying’ to do. I know I’m not supposed to try but it’s not as easy as some people make out. The cacophony of chatter going on in my head is not that easy to subdue however when it does there is a other worldly feel and blue and silver come into my mind. So i have a series of paintings that I am adamant to paint. I will be journaling the first one here.

I’m starting with a blue canvas square 100cm x 100cm -quite topical with the events that have been going on in Sudan at the moment and the use of blue to represent the revolution-today is a memorial in London for Mohammed who was shot during the recent up-rising, what brave people. .

Above is a picture where I am trying to work out how large a circle I am going to cut into the canvas -this picture is about ripping apart and stitching together.

To be conti ……..

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