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Sketch Book Journey – 1

‘Scrambled’ 1.9.2020

I was feeling very frustrated with life when I drew this – we were out of the first lockdown I had been made redundant from my part time job at the local art shop. I’d been living in close proximity to my 2 teenage boys for months due to Covid-19 and my back which had constant pain and spasms from March was only just starting to ease. I couldn’t sit for long and I certainly couldn’t paint because that would involve bending down. With all that and more going on I could hardly think but I had recently purchased a Lamy pen on a friend’s advice and was eager to try it out.

With a new sketch book and ink pen I quieted my mind and let the pen take it’s course. I honestly think this is the perfect picture of what was going on in my mind……scrambled thoughts and entangled mess, I really couldn’t see ‘the wood from the trees.’

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