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Sketch Book Journey – 10

Rivulets – 1

During lockdown I have been discovering so many beautiful walks in and around Tunbridge Wells – I recognise that I am influenced by what I see. I did the sketches here after a walk to Rusthall Rocks using colours that I would not normally choose.

Rusthall rocks

These are stunning sandstone rocks and outcrops left over from large glacial lakes that covered the area The stone was originally laid down in the Lower Cretaceous period (around 136 million years ago) as deposits from a vast freshwater lake covering much of southern Britain. The outcrops as seen today were eroded by wind action during the last Ice Age (around 1 million years ago).

Rivulets – 2

Mediums: Lamy pen, black pen, Seawhite of Brighton Sketch book, Professional watercolours Schmincke, Winsor & Newton

If you are interesting in looking at my ‘real’ paintings please visit Saatchi Art

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