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Sketch Book Journey – 12

Sometimes my life feels like a rollercoaster or a whitewater raft ride. I know the direction I want to go in but I find obstacles are constantly appearing in front of me to push me off course or slow me down. This has been particularly true this last couple of years. I have taken the conscious step to relax more and just allow the flow to take me, accepting that things don’t go as fast or as direct as they once did when I was young and didn’t have others in my life that I was responsible for. It’s not been an ‘easy ride’ but taking the time out sometimes to look back at how far I’ve come and what I’ve achieved is good therapy.

‘Go with the flow. Force nothing. Let it happen…trusting that whichever way it goes, it’s for the best’ Mandy Hale

materials: Lamy pen, black ink, artists sketch book

See some of my work on Saatchi Art

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