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Sketch Book Journey – 3

Black and White

The previous days automatic drawing sketch had been quite interesting so I decided to see if I could replicate it and then develop it an interesting way.

Before I start work I like to go into a meditation to access my subconscious mind – although this is freeing it can be difficult if I want to reproduce something specific, especially if my surroundings, circumstances and mood have changed from the time of producing the original piece. I found this particularly hard when moving back from Africa to the UK. Apart from the upheaval of moving and settling myself and my children into a new town the light, temperature, sights and sounds had changed too -It’s interesting how much a change of environment or even mood can affect a work.

In this instance outside influences had not changed as I had only sketched the day before. I drew the horizontal lines on the page before I quieted my mind. This gave me some structure and framework to work within.

Colouring in blocks of negative space has given the work some depth which I quite like.

Materials used: Lamy pen, Black Ink, Sketch Book – Seawhite of Brighton

Instagram: @juliastockwellh

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