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Sketch Book Journey – 4


I’m not drawn to predicability, I love randomness and the unexpected. I also love patterns and mark making. I’m drawn to fluid shapes and I’m continually fascinated by water – I think it probably stems from my life as a dancer and choreographer. To me watching water is like watching a dance performance.

Making large moving shapes with my body and putting them on to paper is a constant source of fun for me. I do prefer to paint large whenever I can. When I lived in Tanzania I painted a huge blackboard on the back wall of the house. I would spend many an hour dancing beside it making sweeping marks with chalk. I felt like Isadora Duncan with her long scarves blowing in the wind.

It was a clever ‘freeing exercise’ and I recommend it to anyone who has the space!

Back to my drawing…….Having liked the visual aspect of the previous sketch I decided to enlarge one section – the swirls -and see how they worked on a larger scale. Colouring in some of the negative spaces again gives it more dimension .

Materials used: Lamy pen Black ink Seawhite of Brighton sketch book

Instagram: @juliastockwellhamid

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