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Sketch Book Journey – 6

Getting into the flow here – I can feel some water vibes going on. Thinking it’s very much in the vein of my ‘water’ paintings – I am feeling that these patterns/marks might lead somewhere interesting…..

Silver Rain – Acrylic, gesso, fine silver leaf and sterling silver on canvas – available to buy on Saatchi Art

I have always had a fascination with water – I remember when I was a teenager spending endless summer days down at the beach, with my friends swimming in the sea and playing in rock pools.

At home I would avidly watch programmes of Jacques Cousteau‘s adventures underwater and in my twenties I learnt to dive with the British Sub Aqua Club.

My qualifying dives were in Shetland -if you are wondering if it was cold -yes it was! Especially as at that time I was diving in a wet suit…..brrrr -but diving wrecks and swimming with seals under water was an experience that has never left me.

Silver Rain

In my series of ‘water paintings’ I aim to recreate that immersive experience.

From birth, man carries the weight of gravity on his shoulders. He is bolted to earth. But man has only to sink beneath the surface and he is free. Jacques Yves Cousteau

I often ponder why so many people are drawn to water. Why is it so fascinating? What about it is so compelling?

Materials used:

Black & White Sketch – Lamy pen, black ink, Sketch Book –Seawhite of Brighton

Silver Rain Painting: Acrylic – Golden, Winsor & Newton professional paints, Silver Leaf – Cornelissen, Sterling Silver, Hallmark – my own –

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