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Sketch Book Journey – 7

It’s Raining Again!

Having realised that my line of enquiry was definitely taking me back down the road of my fascination with water, I decided to run with it by adding different shades of blue water colour to some of the shapes. I love the delicate undulating flowing feel of the rounded curves and then the faster flowing feel of the sharper narrower shapes.

This sketch very much reminds me of when I came back to the UK after 10 years living in the Sudan and would spend hours watching the rivulets of water run down the window panes – life in Sudan was a tad drier than here – we would get excited when the rain would come for it’s exciting annual outing lasting all of 3 weeks a year- the kids would run out into the rain hollering with joy and excitement as the cool droplets ran over their bodies. A happy picture firmly imprinted on my mind.

Arriving back in the UK, after the initial excitement of cooler temperatures, the on-set of endless downpours the exclamations soon changed and those wet days are now greeted with ‘Oh no! It’s raining again!’ How times change…..

My work is heavily influenced by my environment – the light, the colours, the smells, the sounds, the tastes, the textures all have a direct impact on what I make or paint.

It was during one of those heavy rains, while watching the water droplets cascade down the window pane that I found the inspiration for my very first piece of jewellery design.

Cascade earrings

I spent hours melting individual tiny pieces of sterling silver to form little droplets which I then linked on to hand-made chains. I was pleased at how they turned out, they were really pretty and rippled every time they were moved.

These have been sold but if you would like to see more of my silver work please visit my website or my instagram

Materials used for Sketch: Lamy pen, black ink, Sketchbook, Watercolour paint – Winsor & Newton Professional, Schmincke Horadam Aquarell

Cascade Earrings: Sterling silver

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