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Print on high quality German etching paper re-worked using acrylic, ink and watercolour -  embellished with sterling silver detail and fine silver leaf.  


Size: 84cm x 64cm

Image size: 69cm x 51cm

Border: Top & sides 6cm

Lower border 8cm with title 'Siver Rain' in freehand and signature.


The edges of the picture have been finished with a deckle edge.


I suggest you get the picture framed professionally to make the most of the deckled edge.


Silver Rain I

  • I am not only an artist but also a silversmith and former dive instructor who is passionate about water.

    For ten years I lived in The Sudan, Africa, a country, with very little rainfall - upon my return to the UK I found myself thinking more and more about this essential resource and how we often take it for granted. 

    I aim to exhibit the ever-persistent endurance of water that is a keystone to life.  The sheer tenacity displayed by water is personified in its human tendencies, bearing the characteristics we hold most dear - water is patient, dynamic and pragmatic.       

    Having already employed the use of copper leaf in my art works; the beautiful, reflective qualities of silver leaf and fine silver wire presented the next logical step to my work.



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