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Sterling silver ‘Splash’ rings set of 3 small hallmarked - consisting of 2 x crossed rings and 1 x open ring

I designed the 'Splash' range after watching children joyfully jumping in puddles. It was the simplicity of their fun and shere enjoyment that I wanted to catch in these pieces - reminding me of when I and my friends  were young and carefree. (It seems I struck a cord because they've proved very popular!)

Each piece is made individually - I never quite know how the melted ends will turn out (depending on the heat of the flame and/or the ambient temperature) and this adds an element of suprise and uniqness to each and every ring - no two will look exactly the same.   

Hallmarked at the Assay office in London

Set of 3 ‘Splash’ rings small

  • Material: Silver
    Care: I recommend opting for a professional cleaning service.

    To clean the jewellery at home use a soft silver cleaning cloth alternatively  gently wash in warm soapy water, brushing very gently with a soft toothbrush to remove dirt. Ensure you dry the piece well afterwards.

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